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Lighting Service Contractor Abita Springs:  Quality Lighting Installation Services and Lighting Repair Work

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We can make your home or business in Abita more vibrant with bespoke lighting services which include lighting design, installations, and repairs.  Our services as a trusted lighting contractor will help create the perfect ambiance in your indoor or outdoor space at your home or commercial property.

We work on the smart home installation of the most updated technology in lighting design.  We carry out commercial outlet installation with our top-quality lighting installation services.

So whether you need a simple repair or a complicated lighting design and installation service for your home or business in Abita.  We offer only excellence in workmanship and customer service. Contact us today to learn more about our lighting services and we also cater services in other areas.

Importance of Lighting Installation Service

Proper lighting installation involves several factors that determine how a certain space can be lighted to be more welcoming, safe, and elegant.  Lighting is a worthwhile investment that increases the aesthetic appeal of a property.  It enhances any indoor or outdoor space of a home or a business.

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When you have a professional lighting company to install your lighting system, you will gain these benefits:

  1. Lighting will increase your profits and increase the value of your property.  You will be able to leave lasting impressions on your customers and those who visit your home.
  2. Good lighting will help you save on utility expenses.  In fact, we can install lighting features that are powered by solar.  With modern technology, there are various lighting products manufactured to help you save money.  Likewise, we can install your lighting system with an integrated scheduling system so that the lights will only turn on when needed.
  3. High-quality lighting will reduce your long-term costs because they have an extended life and last longer.
  4. Ambient lighting improves the mood in the space where it is installed.  It creates a warm and bright ambiance and relaxed and cheerful spaces.
  5. Task lighting enables the efficient completion of tasks that are pointed toward a specific direction.
  6. Accent lighting highlights specific elements in a given space like elements of a home’s interior, landscape elements, advertising elements, and many more.

Choosing a Lighting Design For Your Home or Business

We have the best light designers in Abita Springs who will help recreate your space to serve its multiple purposes.  We use top-quality lighting products that can add safety, artistic design, and ambiance to your indoor or outdoor space.

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No matter your purpose for designing and installing a lighting system we make sure to incorporate all crucial types of lighting in a strategic way to meet your lighting needs: ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting.

Here are useful tips to help you choose the best light design for your home or business:

  1. Consider how natural light will interact with artificial light inside your building.
  2. Consider light distribution and brightness in exterior lighting and security.  Exterior lighting must be photometrically designed to be above ILP Security standards to provide safety and security for employees who work at night.
  3. Conserve energy by using LED lights that are more efficient in saving energy.
  4. Lighting design should be aesthetically pleasing and should match the feel of the indoor or outdoor space.
  5. Create glare-free indoor spaces, especially in an office environment where the focus is vital.
  6. Consider color temperatures and their varying physiological effects on people.
  7. Include lighting control and flexibility that is retrofitted to the electrical wiring system of your building
  8. Consider where you need clearly defined lighting in your space.

Above all of these considerations to get the best design for your lighting system, we can help you work out a budget for the lighting design that will maximize energy savings, and lower operational and maintenance costs.  Our expert lighting consultants will develop a personalized plan to calculate and meet the lighting needs of your home or business.

Types of Exterior and Interior Lighting

Garden illuminated by lamps

We understand that there is a huge need for homes and businesses in Abita Springs to get lighting installation right so that it is cost-effective and efficient.  Suitable lighting systems with the right type of indoor or outdoor lighting elements designed properly can be beneficial for long-term cost savings and aesthetic appeal.

As professional lighting contractors, we are experienced in installing indoor and outdoor lighting such as:

  • Incandescent Lighting
  • Halogen Lighting
  • Fluorescent Lighting
  • LED Lighting
  • Ambient Lighting
  • Task Lighting
  • Accent Lighting

How Much Do Outdoor and Indoor Lighting Services Cost in Abita Springs When Hiring Lighting Contractors?

Updown exterior lighting

The cost that homeowners pay for a lighting installation in Abita is between $328 and $461.  This may be slightly different than the national average because of factors like labor hourly rates in Abita, material costs, and the cost of local permits required.

This quote includes only the following:

  • $328 to $461 per circuit material costs
  • Average labor costs to install lighting circuits in Abita, Louisiana.
  • Average costs for materials and equipment for lighting companies in St Rose
  • All project costs (surface preparation, components, and machinery)

We are your local licensed lighting contractor in Abita who can help you get a permit for a new lighting installation for your property.  Our experienced and skilled electricians will install your lighting fixtures effectively and safely.  Call us to get a free quote for your lighting installation service.

Big Easy Lighting: Brightening Homes & Business In Abita Springs, LA

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Installing lighting fixtures in residential, commercial, and industrial properties can be tricky but we have the equipment and expertise to carry out a safe and efficient light installation service.

Our team of skilled electricians are background-checked, and our excellent workmanship has left all our clients happy and satisfied.  You are assured of an electrical lighting installation service that you can trust.

Call us today for a lighting service designed to give you peace of mind with fixed energy costs and the latest technology in the lighting industry.  Big Easy Lighting is a service-based lighting company that is an expert in indoor and outdoor light installation, repair, and maintenance for any home and business in Abita.

About Abita Springs

Abita Springs was once the home of Native Americans as far back as 2,220 years ago.  Plenty of game, fish, and spring water made this area very suitable for a comfortable life.

Today, it is a town that still appeals to those who seek a quieter life, fresh water, and the beauty of the Longleaf pine trees.  The unique character of the town is its historic ambiance, small-town values, and an incredible amount of local talent.

Things to Do in Abita Springs

  • Explore the Abita Mystery House
  • Tour the acclaimed Abita Brewery
  • Tap your feet at the Opry
  • Visit Abita Brew Pub, the original home of Abita Beer
  • Indulge in brunch at Abita Springs Cafe and other local favorites

Notable Residents

  • Dick Hart, a professional golfer
  • David Lohr, crime writer
  • Bunny Matthews, cartoonist, and writer

Nearby Suburbs

  • Covington
  • Ramsay
  • Claiborne
  • Saint Benedict
  • Waldheim

Interesting/Fun Facts About Abita Springs

  • The little town was a popular destination for its reputedly healing waters drawn from deep, deep artesian wells.
  • Abita Springs was originally a Choctaw Indian village, taking its name from nearby medicinal springs.
  • The Choctaw burial and execution grounds, which were in use up until around 1880, are located nearby.
  • Abita’s beer is brewed with the pure water of the artesian wells in Abita Springs.
  • The UCM Museum in Abita Springs is also known as the “Abita Mystery House”, featuring an eclectic collection of antiques, particularly electronics and arcade games, and dozens of examples of proprietor John Prebel’s folk art, which ranges from the whimsical to the macabre.

Public Transportation

Some of the public transportation in Abita Springs include the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority, the Canal Streetcar Line, the river Parish Transit Authority, and the E2 Airport Route Jefferson Transit.