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Lighting Service Contractor Kenner: Outstanding Lighting Services by Big Easy Lighting

Lighting Service in Kenner - Big Easy Lighting The vibrancy in Kenner’s atmosphere is maintained with quality lighting systems and aesthetic lights that adorn homes and businesses. Properly installed lighting systems also provide added security to any residential, commercial, or industrial property.

Big Easy Lighting is one of the best-known names in the lighting installation industry in Louisiana. We work with the latest innovations and lighting designs. Our extensive experience in exterior and interior lighting, along with our competencies help us deliver premium lighting services in Kenner.

Our equipment is calibrated every year in compliance with industry standards. Our team receives regular training so that we can offer excellence in our workmanship and customer service. So, if you want to light up your indoor or outdoor space, call us today so you can talk with one of our lighting design experts about your project lighting needs.

Types of Lights We Offer as Lighting Contractors in Kenner

The lighting fixtures we install for indoor and outdoor spaces in a Kenner home or business are waterproof to withstand moisture and heavy rain. We place them strategically to ensure that no wires will be dangling or scattered in the path of people or pets. The types of lights we install include:

Landscape Lights

We install top-quality landscape lights for residential and commercial properties. If you have an area in your property that will need typical garden lights, we take pride in our specialty in installing commercial and residential landscape lighting that will surely create the perfect ambiance in your garden or outdoor living space.

Indoor Lights

Our indoor lighting designer can help you choose the right type of lighting system that we can install for your indoor space. We install the best design and quality indoor lights that will express your personality and create a space you look forward to using.

Our interior lighting services include design, installation, maintenance, and repair services with you in mind. Fill your indoor space with incredible breadth with on-trend and stylish lighting only from Big Easy Lighting in Kenner. Contact us today to know more about designing and installing indoor lighting systems.

Outdoor Lights

If you are looking for lights to brighten up your garden and provide additional safety for you and your property, contact us today and we can help you design and choose the best lights for your outdoor lighting system. We offer a range of outdoor lights that will surely enhance the aesthetic of your outdoor space as well as its safety and security.

Unique Advantages Of Low-Voltage Lighting Systems

Low Voltage Lights At Big Easy Lighting, we use low-voltage lighting systems so that you can save on your utility bills. Decreased volts low-voltage lights are energy efficient and have many other benefits such as:

  • Minimum heat distribution

We use low-voltage lights that will not get overheated or burn up like other incandescent or halogen bulb fixtures. The lights we install will remain cool outside for hours and will reduce heat around sensitive plants if used as a landscaping feature.

  • Longer life span

The LED lights we use for indoor and outdoor lighting can last almost sixty times longer compared to halogen or incandescent bulb lighting systems. This will save you from replacing many bulbs.

  • Much safer option

When we install low-voltage lights properly for your indoor or outdoor lighting system, these lights will not impose any risk of getting electrocuted when exposed to snow, rain, or water.

  • Versatile

We use top-quality low-voltage lights that are relatively smaller compared to incandescent bulbs. These lights are versatile and can be installed in small spaces where incandescent lights cannot fit. They are very good at providing outdoor living spaces with soft illumination.

  • Worry-free security

One of the best advantages that you get for using low-voltage lights is having additional security without worrying about increasing bills. Lights are a good deterrent to any burglar.

  • Environment-friendly

When you chose low-voltage lights, you are contributing to saving the environment because you are reducing energy consumption. You are helping conserve valuable energy resources and help prevent depleting them.

  • Easy to install

Because low-voltage lights carry low electrical currents, they will not cause serious risk or injury during installation. There is no risk of getting an electrical shock outdoors.

How Much Do Lighting Services Cost in Kenner When Hiring Lighting Contractors?

Pathway lightingWhen you plan to have lighting installation services in Kenner, expect a fair price range between $400 – $474. The cost depends on several factors such as:

  • Type of lighting to be installed
  • Materials needed
  • Labor costs
  • Other services required for the installation

With Big Easy Lighting, you are assured that you will get the best value for your money for any lighting service that you need. Our outdoor and indoor lighting services will vary but you will get an honest quote that will be worth your investment.

Choose the Local Lighting Contractors Your Kenner Neighbors Trust!

We are your professional lighting company in Kenner that can design and properly install lighting systems for your home or business so you can sleep soundly at night with improved security and ambiance. Our lighting services cover indoor, outdoor, and landscape lighting to create the ideal space in your property for whatever purpose it will serve.

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Big Easy Lighting is your local lighting contractor for existing or new construction buildings and properties in Kenner. We create outdoor living spaces and indoor spaces to provide the ideal environment and safety from sufficient quality lighting. Keep in touch with us today for the lighting services you need.

About Kenner

Kenner is located on the banks of the Mississippi River and is considered a suburb of New Orleans. It is home to 67,000 residents in an area of 39 square kilometers. It has a deep and colorful history that appeals to both residents and visitors. When European explorers discovered Kenner, it was one of the places first inhabited on the continent.

Kenner offers many historical sites including museums, historic structures, landmarks, and artifacts that highlight the rich culture and history of the place. Many events are held year-round on the shores of Pontchartrain Lake.

Because Kenner is the largest city in Jefferson Parish and the largest incorporated suburban city of New Orleans, it provides many shopping, entertainment, and outdoor activities.

Things to Do in Kenner

  • Louisiana Toy Train Museum: a favorite spot for residents and tourists
  • The Esplanade Mall: Opened in 1983, it is one of the two largest malls located in East Jefferson
  • Coconut Beach Volleyball Complex: 22-court sand volleyball complex located just south of the Pontchartrain Center in Laketown. It is the largest man-made sand complex in the United States.
  • Chateau Golf and Country Club: The scenery around is a lovely sight, and the staff is helpful.
  • Pontchartrain Center: The second-largest exhibition center in Louisiana. They are designed for 4.5 thousand people. It often hosts concerts, conventions, exhibitions, and sporting events.

Notable Residents

  • Chris Kenner, R&B singer, and songwriter
  • Edmond J. Muniz, former mayor of Kenner and captain of the Krewe of Endymion
  • Lloyd Price, an R&B vocalist known as “Mr. Personality”
  • Chris Howard, NFL player
  • Arthur Maulet, NFL player

Nearby Suburbs

  • River Ridge
  • Harahan
  • Metairie
  • Waggaman
  • Jefferson

Interesting/Fun Facts About  Kenner

  • The treasure chest casino in Kenner is the main source of income for the local government, giving the city an annual income of 100 million dollars
  • Compared to the rest of the country, Kenner’s cost of living is 6.7% lower than the U.S. average
  • There are 88 men per 100 women in Kenner
  • One in four residents in Kenner is from Spain or Latin America
  • Kenner produces its own newspaper, published once a month

Public Transportation

The Jefferson Parish Department of Transit Administration operates Jefferson Transit, the main public transportation in the city. Jefferson Transit provides service to points in Kenner, Metairie, and New Orleans as well as other locations in incorporated and unincorporated Jefferson Parish.