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Lighting Service Contractor Hammond:  Top-Quality Lighting Services From the Experts, Big Easy Lighting

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Make your home or business stay vibrant in Hammond, the largest city in Tangipahoa Parish with the best quality lights designed to make your home or business stand out.  Big Easy Lighting helps homeowners and business owners in Hammond preserve its architecture, music, food, and lifestyle with its top-quality lighting services.

As homeowners and businesses in Hammond look for more opportunities to enhance their property, we offer lighting installation services that will perfectly create the environment to welcome visitors and shoppers.

We properly install custom-fit lighting fixtures for residential and public areas with a design that will complement the overall design of the property.  Our top-of-the-line led lighting services can light up any street, outdoor living areas, driveways, and wide public locations to increase safety.  We can light up your indoor and outdoor spaces to achieve the ambiance you desire and provide more safety.

Contact us today to learn more about our residential and commercial lighting services. We also cater lighting services in nearby areas to meet your project needs.

Commercial and Residential Lighting Installation, Maintenance, Retrofits, and Repair In Hammond

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As qualified lighting electrical contractors in Louisiana, we design and install lighting systems for clients across all sectors.  We understand the value of safely installing an efficient lighting system with the experience and knowledge we have to meet local requirements in Hammond, whether you need lighting in your home, your shop, your field, your landscape, your driveway, or your street.

At Big Easy Lighting, we develop innovative lighting solutions for all our customers to achieve individual requirements and achieve maximum visual goals including display and mood lighting and energy efficiency. Our lighting services in Hammond cover:

  • Lighting Installation Services

Our team of expert lighting electrical contractors and electricians design and install all types of lighting fixtures for existing and new lighting systems.

We make sure that the lighting system we install will help you achieve your goals like safety, ambiance, and energy efficiency.  Whether you are putting up a new shop in downtown Hammond or simply want to improve the ambiance of your home, we will install the best quality lighting system design for you.

Our experienced and licensed team of contractors and electricians knows the electric wiring systems of homes in Hammond.  We know the local requirements for installing a residential lighting system for new constructions.

We can also come and replace light fixtures if it’s what you need.  We install good-quality lighting that will control the ambiance of any room in your home.  We ensure safe and aesthetic electric lighting fittings.

If you want to attract more customers to your business, our lighting system designer can help you design your shop or commercial space with efficient and aesthetic lighting fixtures.

We are commercial lighting system specialists dedicated to helping your business grow with a quality lighting system that will provide you with a perfectly lit shop or commercial center in Hammond.  We create attractive, energy-efficient, and practical commercial spaces with superior lighting design, installations, and upgrades.

  • Lighting Repair

We help prevent any potential damage to property from faulty wiring or dysfunctional lighting fixtures with our repair services.   Save yourself from the headache caused by malfunctioning lights.

We are here to make sure that your lighting system in Hammond will keep your living and business spaces functional, comfortable, and inviting.  Our team understands the difference between commercial and residential lighting systems and their needs.  We can handle all of your residential and commercial space’s lighting repairs and upgrades.

Advantages of Lighting For Your Hammond Home and Commercial Property

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Proper lighting with the right design and brightness can make your space more welcoming, elegant, and safe.  It is a worthwhile investment in any given property.  It defines and expresses how we experience a specific space, not just how we enhance it.  The advantages of lighting your home or business in Hammond include:

  1. Lighting will increase your profits and increase the value of your property.  You will be able to leave lasting impressions on your customers and those who visit your home.
  2. Good lighting will help you save on utility expenses.  In fact, we can install lighting features that are powered by solar.  With modern technology, there are various lighting products manufactured to help you save money.  Likewise, we can install your lighting system with an integrated scheduling system so that the lights will only turn on when needed.
  3. High-quality lighting will reduce your long-term costs because they have an extended life and last longer.
  4. Ambient lighting improves the mood in the space where it is installed.  It creates a warm and bright ambiance and relaxed and cheerful spaces.
  5. Task lighting enables the efficient completion of tasks that are pointed toward a specific direction.
  6. Accent lighting highlights specific elements in a given space like elements of a home’s interior, landscape elements, advertising elements, and many more.

Types of Lighting Service We Offer as Lighting Service Contractor in Hammond

The indoor and outdoor fun offered in the beautiful Hammond city cannot be complete without lighting services for signature experiences:

  • Lighting Sales

We offer top-quality lighting elements and fixtures for any design or purpose you would like for your lighting system.  We have teamed up with the best lighting manufacturers in the industry who create and design lighting fixtures and elements to the highest standards set by the industry.

  • Installation Services

Our electricians, technicians, and contractors are licensed and trained to install bespoke lighting for residential and commercial properties according to the requirements of individual clients.  We install new lighting elements and replace old ones with new lighting fixtures, whichever is needed.

  • Repair Services

We aim to prevent every potential damage to property that faulty lighting wiring or dysfunctional lighting can cause with our repair services.  We will save you from the headache caused by malfunctioning lights.  We repair all types of lighting systems to create functional, comfortable, inviting, and safe places.  Give us a call for a free consult regarding lighting repairs and upgrades.

  • Energy Audits

We provide energy audit services to compute how much electricity you are using and to determine the energy efficiency of your lighting system.  Our lighting contractor will provide alternative lighting for your property should there be a need to decrease your energy consumption without sacrificing all the benefits of a great lighting system.

  • Lighting Maintenance

We conduct regular inspections, tests, and replacements for lighting systems in residential and commercial properties.  Our maintenance procedure includes cleaning lighting fixtures regularly, verifying lighting components that are functioning well and those that need to be replaced, ensuring that all ballasts have a published ballast factor, checking to dim pre-sets periodically, and checking scene pre-sets to assure they meet original requirements.

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Regardless of the overall design of your residential or commercial, indoor or outdoor space in Hammond, Big Easy Lighting has lighting solutions that can play a huge role in determining the overall impression of people who visit and share your space.

As your lighting service contractor, we will help you assess the necessary factors to ensure that your lighting choices will provide the ideal environment that will appeal to your customers, your family, and your visitors in your home and business. Give us a call today for a free estimate.

About Hammond

Hammond, Louisiana, the commercial hub for the Tangipahoa Parish is located in Tangipahoa county, 37 miles north of Kenner, Louisiana.  Its name comes from the Swedish immigrant called Peter Hammond, who first settled in the area during the American Civil War.

There are fine restaurants, several modern shopping centers, and many beautiful parks for the entire family in Hammond.  It is also home the Southeastern Louisiana University, the fastest-growing University in the Nation.

Things to Do in Hammond

  • Hang out with friends at the Hammond Square Shopping center.
  • Tour around Zemurray Park with its playground, large pond, walking/jogging track, and many other outdoor amenities.
  • Enjoy an interactive walking tour at the Hammond Historic District where annual events take place.
  • Visit Lake Pontchartrain Basin Maritime Museum if you love history
  • Study the exhibits at Tangipahoa African American Heritage Museum and Veterans Archives.

Notable Residents

  • Robert Alford, cornerback for Arizona Cardinals
  • Kayla Ard, Head Coach for Utah State University Women’s Basketball
  • George W. Bond, fourth acting president of Southeastern Louisiana University
  • George S. Bowman Jr., Major General, U.S. Marine Corps, and veteran of World War II, Korea, and Vietnam
  • Alyssa Carson, space enthusiast and astronaut hopeful

Nearby Suburbs

  • Ponchatoula
  • Springfield
  • Natalbany
  • Tickfaw
  • Independence

Interesting/Fun Facts About Hammond

  • Hammond is known as the Strawberry Capital of America for being a major shipping point for strawberries.
  • Hammond served as a shoe-making center for the Confederacy.
  • The grave of the founder of Hammond is under the Hammond Oak, located in the 500 block of East Charles Street

Public Transportation

Hammond has railways, highways, and air travel or transport for public transportation.  Some of the major transportation companies are the Hammond City Bus, Tangi transit, and the Tangipahoa Parish Transit System.