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Pathway Lighting Service New Orleans: Illuminate Your Sidewalk and Highlight Your Garden With Quality Landscape Lighting

Experience creative lighting design to light any chosen area where you have a pathway on your property.  We provide unique lighting pieces with an innovative design for beautiful pathway lighting in your home or business landscape.

Our team offers expert consultancy for free for bespoke pathway lighting solutions in residential and commercial settings.  We give free lighting design consultation with an experienced pathway lighting consultant.  All projects are welcome.  No project is too small or too big for us.

Here at Big Easy Lighting, we focus on addressing known problems and meeting unfulfilled outdoor lighting needs.  Light your pathway today with the best pathway lighting materials that are built to last. Contact us for more details!

Pathway Outdoor Lighting

Pathway Lighting Service

Pathways in your home’s outdoor living space or those that lead to entranceways in your home or building provide safety and a welcoming ambiance.  Properly lit pathways also make it easier to navigate around your structures and your building during the night and whenever it is dark.

We provide different outdoor pathway lighting options that will match the material and design of your pathway.  Our custom pathway outdoor lighting services are focused on helping you choose the right light and pathway lighting design every time.

Our Pathway Lighting Systems For your Garden and Outdoor Spaces

Get the best quality pathway lighting system with top-quality lighting materials that are cost-effective and energy-efficient in every way.  Our expert electricians install pathway lighting systems that have these features:

Garden illuminated by lamps

  • Energy efficiency:  We use a low-voltage system to get the lighting result according to your specifications.
  • Versatility:  We offer custom design pathway lighting systems that are versatile, and suitable for any landscape design or structural design of your pathway.
  • Cost-effective: Choose from a variety of outdoor pathway lighting fixtures that will suit your budget and will save you from paying costly electric bills.
  • Utilitarian:  We help you design a pathway lighting system that also considers functionality and balances it with aesthetics and cost.  For example, it is not a necessity to install parallel pathway lights along a walkway with ultra-bright lights.  we can install small well-lights that will never be knocked over and will not get in the way of mowing the lawn.

We consider important factors to create the best pathway lighting system for your home or business.  Our pathway lighting designers will help you choose the perfect balance for the brightness of the pathway lights that you choose to be installed.  This will depend on your purpose:  to highlight curb appeal or provide safety or a balance of both.

What Type of Pathway Lighting Can You Do?

Garden Lighting Service - Big Easy Lighting

We design and install outdoor pathway lighting with an artistic flair.  Our designs include lighting techniques accenting the elements of your pathway and your landscape as a whole.  We also do architectural lighting deck design, wildlife-friendly lighting, and security lighting shadowing landscape features.

The different types of landscape lighting for pathways that we install for residential and commercial properties are:

1.  Traditional Path Light

The common variation of path lighting that we carry out for our clients is the typical low voltage path light made of a post and a top hat.  We can customize the Ballards and use whimsically sculpted fixtures in the shape that you desire.  This is popular for pathways that lead to the front door.

2.  Moon Lighting

Another favorite outdoor lighting installation service we offer for pathway lighting is moonlighting or down lighting.  We bathe an area of your pathway with soft light from above.  This service uses lighting fixtures mounted high on a tree or from the soffit of your roofing system.  We can use hardscape lighting led lights that aim downward to cast a soft light on your pathway.

3.  Directional Path Light

Our outdoor pathway-led lighting landscape service can also be done using a directional path light.  This type of outdoor pathway lighting can be adjusted to change the direction the light is being directed.  The head or top hat of this outdoor lighting structure is directional, which means it can be swiveled and adjusted.

4. Non-Traditional Path Lights

Light your pathway and your garden with led lights.  A favorite outdoor lighting technique that is more modern is illuminating your path and the surrounding terrain.  Led lights can be placed strategically in your garden path that leads to an outdoor living space.

Why Invest in Lighting Your Pathway?

Outdoor Lighting Service - Big Easy Lighting

Pathway outdoor lighting can make all the difference to accentuate the beauty of your landscape and the safety of your and your guests and family.  The benefits of outdoor lighting for any type of path accenting architectural lighting of the landscape include:

Expand Your Outdoor Space

Pathway lighting illuminates any outdoor space and creates a wider perspective for those who enter that space.  This provides a more welcoming and comfortable feeling because one can see the path and where it leads including other elements around it.

Curb Appeal + Increase Property Value

Pathway lighting can help illuminate your garden and the elements along your pathway to bring out beautiful aspects.  With the proper placement of outdoor pathway lights, we can create a more attractive and balanced effect in your outdoor space that will match the overall design of your home, business, or structure.

Enhanced Safety + Security

One of the best ways to ensure safety for your outdoor areas with a pathway is to install outdoor pathway lighting.  Lighting the pathway that leads to your home or your outdoor living space like a gazebo will provide safety and security to those who need that access.

With proper outdoor pathway lighting, you and your guests will see any obstructions along the path.  It will provide safety during wintertime when the path is covered with snow and can make it hard to walk outdoors.  Illuminated pathways will prevent slips and accidents in dangerous areas.

Pathway Lighting Consultation from The Trusted and Experienced Landscape Light Installers in New Orleans

lightings outside a business establishment

The art of outdoor pathway lighting with top-quality materials and excellent workmanship is a real passion. Big Easy Lighting has been designing elegantly bespoke outdoor lighting systems for pathways with award-winning lighting designers and craftsmen.

We strive to bring the best outdoor experience possible to homes and businesses in New Orleans. Contact us today to learn more about the services offered!

What Our Client Says

Edward Bergeron

The crew was great. As a physician, I appreciate it when people pay close attention to details! They transformed our entire lot and my family and I could enjoy being in our pool late with all the beautiful lighting. I would highly suggest this company if you’re looking to bring your lawn to life.

Carol Burditt

We loved our lights, so we added some additional pathway light fixtures. Once again, we’re very pleased with Big Easy Lighting’s customer service and would highly recommend them for any outdoor lighting needs.

Charles Zeitler

Our lighting system was installed by Big Easy Lighting to a world-class standard! Our home has been enhanced beyond our expectations. Thank you!

Gina Bowman

It was an easy and seamless process from demo to installation. It was a great installation and the lighting turned out even better than expected. Thanks again!

Harold Atkinson

If I need garden lighting, I will only choose this company. With Big Easy Lighting, I had an easy time working with my lights, and I can’t wait to work with them again next year.

Marsha Taul

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help in getting my outdoor landscape lighting project completed. I had done quite a lot of research into various types of lights and fixtures before deciding to go ahead with the service. I watched your video tutorials and found them extremely helpful. I am really pleased with the final product and would recommend your company to anyone who wants to get an excellent quality outdoor lighting system.