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Light Your Home and Backyard in New Orleans, Louisiana with Beautiful Sphere Lights

Have you ever wanted to add a unique and sophisticated look to your New Orleans home without having to break the bank? One of the best options is to opt for sphere lights. They are a simple, yet beautiful way of lighting up any room and providing a calming atmosphere no matter what location it is in.

Adding sphere lights to your home decor adds an elegant touch, whether you use them as interior lighting or outdoor lighting. With so many designs and types of lights available on the market, selecting the right one can be confusing.

Choosing the appropriate sphere light not only depends on style alone but also needs to adhere to certain qualities like energy efficiency and flexibility. To help you make an informed decision, Big Easy Lighting will explain all the different types of sphere lights available in New Orleans, along with their unique features.

What are Sphere Lights?

Sphere lights are LED fixtures that produce beautiful, even light. This type of lighting works well in residential and commercial spaces alike and has become increasingly popular because of its versatility.

They offer customizable color temperatures and brightness, wireless control, low power consumption, and a smaller size compared to traditional lighting fixtures. These lights can be hung from a ceiling or placed on a wall or floor, making them great for areas such as hallways, bedrooms, and offices.

Sphere lights provide an easy way to create an inviting ambiance in any space without a large commitment of money or time.

The Different Types of Sphere Lights in New Orleans

New Orleans is famed for its unique approach to illumination and has some truly breathtaking sphere lights on display. These orbs, globes, and geodesic domes range from bright LEDs and colored glass orbs to classical gas lamps. They can be found in street lamps, palm trees, and virtually any corner of the city for a touch of subtle light.

Algiers Point Sphere Lighting

These lights are spherical and have a drawbridge made of LEDs across the center, highlighting both the river and city views. Additionally, travelers that would like to truly appreciate their view can take a ride in a romantic gondola with this twinkle in front of their eyes. There is nothing quite like the beauty of these sphere lights at night over Algiers Point, reminding us all just how special this town really is.

Pontchartrain Skyway Lights

These large, illuminated orbs create a unique nighttime ambiance along the Lake Pontchartrain bridge. At night, these soft white and blue lights can be seen from miles away and create a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere for visitors to relax or take pictures in. During the day, the same orbs rotate up and down on their utility poles to create an even more beautiful skyline for tourists taking in all the sights in New Orleans.

Warehouse District Lights

They are set up on opposite sides of the warehouses and are powered by solar energy. Not only do these lights brighten up the city at night, but they also provide crucial security as they light up pathways and alleyways that may be dangerous when unsteadily lit or left in darkness.

Spanish Plaza Lights

Spanish plaza lights are unique spherical lights located in New Orleans that were inspired by the Spanish Revival style popular in the 1930s. These luxurious and intricate lights feature a white or bronze enamel ceiling dome that is suspended from an ornate bracket at floor level. Underneath each dome, a G25 medium-base light bulb provides candlelight ambiance, flickering as it does so.

French Quarter Gas Lanterns

French Quarter gas lanterns, traditionally lit with gas fire, have illuminated the narrow side streets of New Orleans’ French Quarter since the 19th century. These sphere lights were originally imported from Europe as a form of outdoor lighting. The glass globes in which the flame is contained are now electric, however, many of them still feature the detailed metal base designs that are historically accurate to this classic lighting style from New Orleans’ past.Gaslight Stock Photo

The Cost of Sphere Lights in New Orleans

The cost of sphere lights in New Orleans varies based on the type of light, the manufacturer, and the installation requirements. Simple lighting solutions can be found as low as $20 per bulb while adding complexity such as colored lights or control systems can bring the cost up to hundreds of dollars.

Installation costs will depend on the number and location of lights, adding anywhere from just a few hundred dollars to multiple thousands if labor-intensive work is required.

Generally speaking, however, sphere lights are relatively inexpensive compared to other types of lighting solutions and offer a great way to light up outdoor spaces with ornate charm.

Bright and Long-Lasting Sphere Lights in New Orleans, Louisiana From Big Easy Lighting

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Whether you use them as a focal point in the backyard or to better illuminate paths and hallways in the home, Sphere Lights are sure to spark joy every time you turn them on!

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