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Have you ever been in a dark room with perfectly placed lighting? It’s quite fascinating to see how it can completely transform the mood and atmosphere. But designing and creating this type of lighting isn’t easy, and there can be many difficulties if you’re not experienced with setting up sphere lighting.

Sphere lighting, also known as ‘orbs’, is becoming increasingly popular as a way to decorate homes and buildings. Unlike traditional lights that are usually on the ceiling or walls, sphere lights hang from the ceiling and can create varied shadows on their surroundings. They create an atmosphere like no other, giving any room an elegant ambiance.

Using sphere lighting is something to be taken seriously. Even if you think your design skills are up to par, there may still be some challenges when it comes to incorporating these orb-shaped fixtures into your existing home or business décor. Here at Big Easy Lighting, we take a look at the common issues one might face when using sphere lighting – from navigating tricky wiring systems to considering the potential safety hazards of having them hung above reachable heights.

What Are The Challenges of Using Sphere Lighting in New Orleans?

Using sphere lighting in New Orleans is a unique challenge due to the extreme humidity, temperatures, and storms that this city is known for. Additionally, electric fluctuations can cause unexpected outages and damage to the equipment. This can make it difficult to ensure proper coverage throughout the city, with little room for error in such a demanding environment.

Sphere lighting is more expensive than traditional outdoor lighting

One of the main challenges of using sphere lighting in New Orleans is its cost. This type of lighting is more expensive than traditional outdoor lighting, and it could be difficult for businesses to justify the expense. Additionally, many businesses are not used to having such luxury items and may not understand how much maintenance and upkeep is required for them.Glowing light in the grass Stock Photo

Installation of sphere lighting is often difficult due to the space requirements in New Orleans’ narrow streets

Installing sphere lighting in New Orleans’ narrow streets is a challenge due to the limited space. The installation needs to be done carefully and with consideration of the space constraints; if not, people may trip or stub their toes on the light fixtures while walking down the street. In addition, the installation team has to be knowledgeable of city ordinances and regulations related to this kind of lighting.

Maintenance of sphere lighting can be complicated due to the larger number of fixtures and wiring systems used

The major challenge of using sphere lighting in New Orleans is the maintenance of the lighting fixtures. Installing and maintaining these fixtures require skilled labor which can be expensive or difficult to find in some areas. Additionally, wiring and controlling multiple spheres can be complicated due to their often large and diverse system setup. Furthermore, most traditional lighting infrastructure may not have been designed to accommodate both the large number of fixtures and the instability of New Orleans’ climate.

Sphere lighting requires more electricity and additional installation costs associated with wiring poles and undergrounding tasks

The challenges of using sphere lighting in New Orleans are the additional cost associated with wiring poles and undergrounding tasks required to install the LEDs. Additionally, sphere lighting requires much more electricity to power than traditional street lights and this might pose an issue not just for up-front installation costs but also for long-term energy costs.

Installation of sphere lighting can be costly

Installing sphere lighting fixtures in New Orleans can be a very costly endeavor. There are several challenges associated with the installation which include finding a suitable location, as well as obtaining appropriate permits from the city. Additionally, access to power sources and installed infrastructure has to be taken into consideration when installing lights of this kind. As such, there may be extra costs associated with purchasing electrical supplies or renting specialized tools for the process.

Accessing natural light can be challenging in some areas, making the installation troublesome at times

The challenges of using sphere lighting in New Orleans involve accessing natural light in certain areas. Natural light can be difficult to reach, particularly in more rural or remote locations where there are fewer electric lines due to the old-fashioned infrastructure of the city, so installation of sphere lighting can be a tricky process.

There can be a lack of awareness about the importance of sphere lighting and how it can improve safety and security in New Orleans homes and businesses

The biggest challenge to using sphere lighting in New Orleans is a lack of awareness among home and business owners. The majority of people don’t understand the safety benefits that can be gained from proper lighting, and this can lead to neglectful decisions. Additionally, some parts of New Orleans are known for electricity outages and other power issues, which make it difficult for people to install reliable lighting solutions that draw power from the grid.

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