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Long-Lasting Low Voltage Landscape Lighting in New Orleans, Louisiana

Are you looking for a way to give your home’s exterior a glow without requiring it to be lit up like a football stadium?

When it comes to security and beautifying the look of a home’s exterior, one of the best options that you can choose is low-voltage landscape lighting. Low voltage lighting uses less energy than traditional lights, which makes it great for both budget-conscious homeowners and those who want an environmentally friendly option.

It is perfect for outdoor walkways, patios, decks, garden decorations, and more. It is also one of the most cost-efficient and safest ways to light up your surroundings while giving them an aesthetic appeal. Big Easy Lighting will discuss what low-voltage landscape lighting is, the benefits of using it, the different types of lights available, and how to properly install them.

What is Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Low-voltage landscape lighting is a type of outdoor lighting system that uses low-voltage power sources instead of traditional high-voltage electrical supplies. By using less energy and producing lower temperatures, these landscape lighting systems are an eco-friendly way to create beautiful outdoor lighting features.

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It can be used for everything from illuminating pathways to highlighting architectural features or setting the mood for open spaces.

It is also more cost-effective, safer, and easier to install than traditional garden lighting fixtures, allowing homeowners and contractors alike to install sophisticated outdoor design elements quickly and relatively affordably.

What is The Purpose of Low Voltage lighting?

Low-voltage lighting is a type of lighting that uses a transformer to convert standard voltage into low voltage, making it ideal for use in areas where high-voltage electricity poses potential safety risks.

Low-voltage lights are used in outdoor and indoor displays, landscaping, and security lighting. These lights provide brighter illumination than lamp posts and emit a wide spectrum of light; they require minimal maintenance and create an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Some of the environmental benefits associated with low-voltage lighting include reduced energy consumption and less strain on the national power grid.

Advantages of Low Voltage Landscape Lightings

Low voltage landscape lightings provide a wide range of advantages, including improved safety and security, increased nighttime visibility, energy efficiency, and environmentally friendly use. Additionally, they are often less expensive than traditional lighting options, require minimal installation and maintenance as they simply plug into an existing outlet, and consume fewer watts compared to standard lightbulbs.

Low-voltage light bulbs use less energy than traditional lighting and last longer

Low-voltage landscape lighting is an excellent option for outdoor lighting. Low-voltage bulbs use only 10-20% of the energy used by regular bulbs, making them ideal for areas where energy conservation is important. Furthermore, they typically last 50 times longer than standard bulbs, meaning you won’t have to replace them as often. The installation process can be a bit complicated, but it can save you money in the long term.

Low-voltage means that the risk of fire or electric shock is reduced

Low-voltage landscape lighting is a popular option for landscape lighting due to its safety benefits. The main advantage of low-voltage landscape lighting is that it reduces the risk of fire or electric shock as the voltage is lower and more predictable.

Low-voltage lighting can be used in areas not accessible to other power sources

Low-voltage landscape lighting is a great option for landscapes and outdoor areas that do not have access to other power sources. This is because low-voltage lights use less energy than traditional lighting systems, making them an excellent eco-friendly choice.

Disadvantages of Low Voltage Landscape Lightings

The main disadvantage of low-voltage landscape lighting is the limited intensity of light they provide. The low voltage of these lights reduces brightness, making them inefficient for large areas or regions with poor lighting conditions. Low voltage systems also require a transformer, which can be expensive to install and maintain depending on the size or quantity of lights used.

Low-voltage landscape lightings require more money upfront

While long-term cost savings may be realized, such as lower-wattage bulbs and smaller electricity bills, upfront costs can be substantial. Additionally, if any of the components in the system break down or need to be replaced, there is a risk that one might not match or fit with the other components in the system which can lead to further expense and inconvenience.

Low-voltage landscape lightings need a transformer to step down regular line voltage

One of the main drawbacks of low-voltage landscape lighting is that it requires a transformer to step down regular line voltage. The cost and maintenance of maintaining this transformer can be more expensive than using standard 120-volt fixtures, and they are more prone to power failure due to thunderstorms, bad wiring, or other outside influences.

Low Voltage landscape lighting fixtures are typically limited to smaller wattages

Low-voltage landscape lighting fixtures that operate on 12 volts or less have some significant disadvantages. Firstly, the wattage of these lights is limited. This often means that they are not powerful enough to be used in larger outdoor areas, due to the reduced lumens per watt ratio.

Cost of Low Voltage Landscape Lightings

The cost of low-voltage landscape lighting can vary widely depending on the lighting fixtures you choose, the number used, and the distance from a power source. Generally speaking, LED lights tend to be more expensive than other options like halogen or solar lights.

Most installations range from $5 – $25 per fixture plus labor costs. Additionally, any extra parts such as transformers and wires will add to the overall cost.

Overall, low-voltage landscape lighting can range from several hundred to thousands of dollars depending on how many fixtures are needed and how extensive your project is.

Save Money With Big Easy Lighting’s Low Voltage Landscape Lightings in New Orleans

With low-voltage lighting that lasts through the years, you can transform your outdoor space into something remarkable. Whether you want to focus on pathways or add accent lights along walls and fences, Big Easy Lighting will provide high-quality lighting products with easy installation for a fraction of the cost!

Time after time, this type of landscape lighting outperforms other options due to its energy-saving features and long-lasting reliability. Our low-voltage landscape lights are attractive and add polished style to your outdoor living space in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Imagine how amazing your yard will look when illuminated with beautiful low-voltage lighting that won’t require replacement or maintenance over the years. Contact us now for more information on our wide selection of long-lasting low voltage landscape lighting products!

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